• Cocoa


    (Chief Excrement Officer)

    Mother of Pebbles. I love my salads, floor time, and cuddles. I am a very curious piggie and enjoy trying out new products.

  • Pebbles


    (Coo, coo, ca, choo)

    I am shy, but love celery and watching TV. I enjoy testing the items my humans make.

  • Jitter Bug

    Model/Product Tester
    Sister of Little One.  I am a very nervous piggie.  My favorite product I have tested is our Hidey Tunnel.  It provides me much comfort and I love that it has openings on both ends.

  • Little One

    Model/Product Tester
    Sister of Jitter Bug.  I enjoy my time with my humans very much!  They always give me the best lettuce.  The creative ideas they come up are excellent.  My favorite product is our wall decal stickers.  I just love that our pigtures can be featured as art on the wall.