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Guinea Pig C&C Cage Wood Door - 14" Grid Size - Standard Style

Guinea Pig C&C Cage Wood Door - 14" Grid Size - Standard Style

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Do you want to up the cuteness level of your C&C Guinea Pig Cage? Then you will love our wooden C&C Cage Door! Designed to fit between the existing grids of your C&C Cage. It easily slides into place. Opens into a ramp style door. Your Guinea Pigs will love walking out of their own door for floor time or free roaming time. Also helps with bonding as your guinea pigs will feel safe knowing they can come and go in their habitat.  We offer several cute guinea pig sayings carved on the door.

The following sayings may be carved on the C&C Cage Gate Door. They are as follows. Please select your choice upon checkout.
1) Keep Calm & Wheek On
2) Welcome Lettuce Be Friends
3) The Man Cave
4) Wording of your choice (No Profanity Please)
5) No text at all. Plain wood door.
6) Welcome Wheek Before Entering
7) Welcome to Piggie Palace

Designed to fit C&C Cage grids that measure approximately 14" square. Wooden Guinea Pig Gate measures 15.5" wide x 15.25" tall. Top decorative wood accent bar measures 17" wide. Groove is carved in sides and bottom to slide existing grid in place. Four black zip ties are included if you decide your cage door needs to be a bit more secure. Simply thread the zip ties through the pre-drilled holes on the door opening sides and secure to cage bars.

Each of our Guinea Pig Cage Doors are custom and made to order. The Personalized Wood C&C Door is produced in 5-7 business days.
We use real wood and therefore wood grain, knots, and dents will be present.

If you have a coroplast bottom to your cage that comes up around the edge, you will need to notch an area for the cage door in order for your Piggies to enter and exit.
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