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Guinea Pig Ramp without Sides - 7.25" Width

Guinea Pig Ramp without Sides - 7.25" Width

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Our Guinea Pig Cage Wood Ramp will make a great addition your your Piggie's habitat. Produced using kiln dried pine, the areas between the "steps" have been routed out so no glue or nails is used to produce the item. Item is one solid piece. A space is left at the top of the stairs to carve your Guinea baby's name. Wood is left natural with no color applied. Two teacup hooks are applied at the top for easy mounting.

The length of the ramp shown in the pictures is 24".

Measures a total of 7.25" wide. You may choose the length you need from 16"-32". The V-Grooved areas of the ramp are 3/8" in width and the flat area between measures just shy of 1 inch.
If you need a size not listed, please feel free to reach our to us and we will see if we can accommodate your request. Also, if you do not want a name carved on the ramp, please notate "no personalization" in the personalization box.

What is the right length of ramp for my small pet?
Please ensure you order the correct length of ramp so it is not too steep for your small pet. Piggies love to climb ramps and steps to get to higher ground to sit and observe their surroundings. It has been stated that the perfect slope for them is no more than a 30 degree incline. To figure this, take the height of your landing and simply double this. For example, I have a C&C Cage with a loft. The landing is 14" high. Take 14" x 2. The shortest ramp length I should have would be 28" in length. This is a 30" angle to the floor. 

Each of our Small Animal Ramps are custom and made to order. The Personalized Small Pet Ramp is produced in 5-7 business days.
We use real wood and therefore wood grain, knots, and dents will be present.
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